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Bubba Update

Bubba Training Update:                                                              bubba tree

In recent months, I have been working with Bubba the marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus) on item differentiation / association – but he has not been the only one learning. I have attempted many different methods of item presentation, targeting and association – some of which have been successful, others not so much. Although the methods of item presentation have been somewhat variable (allowing me to observe which methods are effective); the means of behavioral reinforcement (via operant conditioning) has remained constant. Specifically, when Bubba selects the correct item – a desk bell is rang immediately (the positive reinforcement ‘bridge’); Bubba is presented with the unique lexigram card for ‘good’ as well as being told ‘good’ verbally; Bubba receives the food reward (tiny bits of dried, organic fruit) and is once again briefly shown the item he selected while I state the objects name verbally. Continue reading